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Take Advice Sooner Rather than later.

Many people believe that they can buy, sell and let or manage property perfectly well, and that they can extract the best value and income. They are confident they do not need any assistance. Some people can.

But the location of property, it's structure and condition, and changing environmental factors can substantially affect property values and the range of uses. Then there are the raft of Acts of Parliament, Regulations, Policy Guidelines and Ministerial Statements, Local Authority Plans, Highways Acts, Building Regulations, Conservation and Environmental Issues all of which can limit use and operation of a property or be an unseen opportunity.

We have helped clients to acquire, sell and develop property, secure planning consents, sometimes by applying a number of times or by appealing, and by advising with regard to building regulations, landlord's or mortgagee's approvals. All of these may be needed. We have served and defended Schedules of Dilapidations, successfully heped quash enforcement notices and secured clients compensation after appearances at the Lands Tribunal.

We have often helped clients after they have tried to do things themselves. For example, where they have needed permissions for works done with the risk of losing the investment value or the property, or even where a criminal offence had been committed but not pursued (but we cannot help everyone - some people deserve it!). Here are some of the things we have done for clients:

  • Retrospective Planning Applications
  • Retrospective Building Regulation Consents
  • Enforcement Appeals including unauthorised Listed Building alterations
  • Breach of Conditions and Applications for Revision of Conditions
  • Direct Access to Barristers for defending enforcement in Court
  • Direct Access to Barristers on lease interpretation for building alterations
  • Advice on missed rent reviews and lease renewal dates
  • Highway Act licences
  • Rights of Light negotiations
  • Development by Local Authorities

There are many pitfalls and traps for the unwary - we may be able to help. Please see our contact page for different topics or contact us:  info@alanwipperman.co.uk