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This division of Alan Wipperman & Co is dedicated to providing an ethical and effective representation of property owners and occupiers offering sites to telecommunications companies. We also have a related website at: www.telecommunicationsites.info

Many property owners are not aware of the issues in allowing telecommunication developments on their lands and properties, and the impact such decisions may have on their public image, their tenants and employees and neighbours, and on their asset values and property ownership rights.

Telecommunication Operators, especially "Code Operators" under the 1984 Telecommunications Act 1984 have special rights and powers as well as planning exemptions in the UK and can devalue as well as add value to properties.

There are real concerns from perceived health risks and property owners should take care in assessing any telecommunications development before proceeding with a scheme. Carefully and properly considered such development can be very worthwhile and rewarding to the property owner and the telecommunication tenants.

Telecommunication Tenants will shortly be able to view the developed and potential sites we can offer over the internet when construction is completed.

Please also view our Links Page on Telecoms which has many links to relevant Government, Regulatory and Pressure Group sites.

Please contact about telecommunications site marketing, development and management on: telcosites@alanwipperman.co.uk