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Government and Related Links:

Related bodies and agencies:

  • The Royal Town Planning Institute:                   www.rtpi.org.uk
  • The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors:     www.rics.org.uk

Information Services:

  • Planning Applications:                                 www.planning-applications.co.uk        
  • Planning Direct:                                            
  • The Planning Exchange:                                                   www.planex.co.uk
  • Planning (News Journal):                                       www.planning.haynet.com

Environmental Interest Sites and Campaign/Pressure Groups:

  • National Trust:                                              www.nationaltrust.org.uk
  • Friends of the Earth:                                                   www.foe.org.uk
  • Town and Country Planning Association:                   www.tcpa.org.uk
  • Greenpeace:                                                 www.greenpeace.org.uk
  • Council for the Protection of Rural England:                www.cpre.org.uk
  • Country Landowners Association:                                www.cla.org.uk 
  • Open Spaces Society:                                               www.oss.org.uk  
  • Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings: 
  • Road Safety Audit:                                     www.roadsafetyaudit.co.uk 
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Links:         www.art.man.ac.uk/EIA
  • National Farmers Union:                              www.nfucountryside.co.uk
  • Soil Association:                                        www.soilassociation.org.uk
  • Campaign for Planning Sanity:                                    www.cfps.org.uk