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The British Government has made a considerable amount of money from auctioneering "Third Generation Mobile Licences" to NetworkOperators and has a number of departments and related organisations regulating and managing the industry in the UK.

Government Departments:

Department of Trade and Industry (grants operators licences):                                    


Department of Health (controls health issues for mobile phones and base stations):                                                 


Department of Transport Local Government & the Regions (issues planning policies for telecommunications development), now with Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.


Department of Education and Employment (employment issues):


Government Established Organisations:

  • The National Radiological Protection Board:                             www.nrpb.org.uk
  • Independent Expert Group on Mobile Phones (Stewart Report):  www.iegmp.org.uk
  • Radio Communications Agency (Specturm & Audits):               www.radio.gov.uk
  • Oftel:                                                                                     www.oftel.org.uk

The "3G" Licence Holders under the 1984 Telecommunications Act:

Telecommunications Sites in the UK and their power outputs:

Following the "Stewart Report" the Radio Communications Agency has undertaken an Audit of licenced telecommunication sites and the results can be searched by post code or address - search the results site via this link:


Some Pressure and Campaign Groups:

Not everyone is happy about the proliferation of telecommunication masts for reasons of visual intrusion in the landscape or on buildings, or because of perceived or possibly real health risk, or perhaps because of a consequential devaluation of their property due to a mast nearby.

Some say building insurances could be invalidated and owners employes and their advisors sued for allowing telecommunications development on their properties when there is a perceived health risk that may become a real and actionable one!

For a different view you may wish to visit the following sites: